Wednesday, 15 February 2012

swimming competition.

There are eight common competitions swum in freestyle swimming, both over either along course (50 m pool) or a short course (25 m pool). The United States also employs short course yards (25 yard pool). Of course, other distances are also swum on occasion.
  •  50 m freestyle
  •  100 m freestyle
  • 200 m freestyle
  •  400 m freestyle (500 yards for short course yards)
  • 800 m freestyle (1000 yards for short course yards)
  •  1500 m freestyle (1650 yards for short course yards)
  •  4×50 m freestyle relay
  •  4×100 m freestyle relay
  •  4×200 m freestyle relay
Young swimmers (typically 8 years old and younger) may swim a 25 yard or 25 meter freestyle event. These shorter events are usually for swimmers who are slower than similarly aged swimmers or may have difficulty swimming longer distances.
Freestyle is also part of the medley over the following distances:
  •  100 m individual medley (short 25 m pool only)
  •  200 m individual medley
  •  400 m individual medley
  •  4×100 m medley relay
In the long distance races of 800 m and 1500 m, some meets hosted by FINA (including the Olympics) only have the 800 m distance for women and the 1500 m distance for men. However, FINA does keep records in the 1500 meter distance for women and the 800 meter distance for men.

The Swimming competition at the 2012 Olympics are scheduled to be held:
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